Saw this and thought “Fooooood! Glorious Fooood!”. 

Thanks Oliver.


This is what American kids should be eating

Americans are just starting to do what many other countries have been doing all along: putting a premium on feeding schoolchildren a healthy lunch. 

The Associated Press’ new photo series on school lunches around the world helps us compare school lunches in the United States with what kids in Asia, Europe, Africa and Latin America ate for lunch last week.

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Last Week Tonight with John Oliver pretty much nails the television news media’s treatment of the climate change (non)debate.

Come for the Bill Nye cameo, stay for the overwhelming weight of scientific evidence and universal consensus showing that man-made climate change is real and happening now.

Another way to sum up the problem with how climate change science is represented by the news: We have to tune in to comedy shows to get a straight look at the facts.

Yes to this. Just yes to all of this. :-)